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web design commissions by scump smallbrain!

liberate your online presence from social media platforms with a colorful, fun site that fits your personality!

whether you're a creative looking to showcase your work, an artist in need of a snazzy page for commission info, a vtuber building a unique online presence, or just someone who wants a cozier home on the web, this pug is here to get you started!

there's nothing more rewarding than building your own personal website, but the learning curve can be pretty steep. not everyone has the time to invest or interest in learning a new skill.

with 3 years of web design experience here on neocities and in university courses, i'm more than happy to lend my skills! let's work together to make the perfect site for you! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

scump-pug sitting at a booth with a tin can. Sign reads 'Website Help. The Pug is IN'


  • clean, readable code that makes it easy even for HTML noobs to edit their site when info changes
  • competent CSS for beautiful styling
  • custom javascript to add interactivity and make your page feel alive!
  • semantically correct markup, alt-text, and more, for screen reader accessibility
  • responsive web design so pages look great on computers and mobile devices!


type of page details base price
link page link to all your social media sites in fashion. an alternative to platforms like linktree, with a more personalized touch ^_^ $15
comms sheet for artists offering commissions! lay out your services, pricing, and any other relevant info. with a free formspree account, commissioners can fill out a form directly on your page to open contact with you! $20
portfolio showcase your art, writing, or other creative endeavors with a dazzling portfolio site.
not on offer yet! will open once i have more experience with comms (^人^)
vtuber homepage show off your model, feature fanart, and explain your silly anime avatar's intricate lore! keep an easy-to-update schedule on your homepage so your fans have an easy source to check on your upcoming streams.
not quiiite yet =w=
other got a different idea? lemme know and i'll tell you if it's doable :3 $??
extra features additional price
responsive design ensure your site looks perfect on any device with mobile-friendly css! +$5
custom javascript i have 2 years of experience in programming and a regrettable amount of that programming was done in God's Least Favorite Language, javascript. with a suitably generous tithe, i shall invoke my cursed knowledge upon your site, that all may awe in the trickery of its black magic.
i can also program custom functionality onto a pre-existing neocities site.
wild card the web is a place of limitless creativity, and i can't predict everything anyone might want. if you have a very specific and challenging idea for your site, i may ask you pay a little bit extra if it adds a lot of work to the process. $??