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a gif of megurine luka, hatsune miku, and kagamine rin plushies :3 XP tsukasa hiiragi on her flip phone, having a really tough time konata izumi doing a kick konata izumi enjoying the breeze of a desk fan old digital photograph of a woman wielding a yaoi paddle with an intense look in her eyes

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Gawr Gura is depicted with Hatsune Miku, looking starstruck with hearts flying around her make yourself comfortable! we're all silly critters here this art was a gift from my friend bungle! full image

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a pug wearing a camo bucket hat sits at an old computer playing QUAKE (1996) on a CRT monitor.

hi my name is scump smallbrain. i'm a pug who uses the computer. you can tell it's me by my signature hat . . .

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a gif of a scene from Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! where the girls are moving fast on a boat as a huge scaly fish swims by. there's a logo which says 'Tanuki Da! A Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! Fansite'. the picture is blocked out by text that says 'Coming Soon!'

Tanuki Da! - a Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! Fansite

i will finish this fansite by the end of the year if it kills me.

I love Animes I ❤ my COMPUTER i draw with pixels nyan nyan DR PEPPER steal this blinkie
a pixel-art gif of marisa kirisame from touhou sitting on her broom, floating suika ibiki from touhou falling over and taking a seat suika has taken a seat on this page and refuses to leave.
a hexagonal chart ranking six attributes on a 1-4 scale. clockwise: strength: 1. wisdom: 1. dexterity: 1. magic: 2. cool hat: 4. good media opinions: 2.
likes dislikes
cute stuff loud music
long videos hot weather
old electronics cars
cartoon girls sit-down dinners
trains the 1970s
wizard hats gacha games
hatsune miku discourse

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favorite manga
dungeon meshi witch hat atelier yokohama kaidashi kikou
favorite anime
eizouken bocchi the rock a place further than the universe revue starlight lucky star yuru camp
favorite youtubes
action button hazel joel haver

currently watching
dungeon meshi frieren
listening to
crying sweet trip

scump smallbrain is a dog who wears a hat and sometimes does something interesting. they are currently in college studying for a degree in Nonsense.

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