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about me

hi my name is scump smallbrain. i'm a pug who uses the computer. you can tell it's me by my signature hat . . .

  • age: 20
  • sex: (¬‿¬)
  • location: the world wide web

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make yourself comfortable! we're all silly critters here

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word count!


current progress on my next fic. updates after each writing session.

Tanuki Da!
my personal love letter to Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!, my favorite anime.

(progress: layout has been done for a while. still need to rewatch the show, take notes, collect my thoughts, and write content)

likes dislikes
cute stuff loud music
long videos hot weather
old electronics cars
cartoon girls sit-down dinners
trains the 1970s
wizard hats gacha games
hatsune miku the news
guilty gear death
cuddling discourse

more about me

favorite manga: dungeon meshi, witch hat atelier, yokohama kaidashi kikou
favorite anime: eizouken, a place further than the universe, revue starlight, yuru camp
favorite youtubes: action button, hazel, joel haver, channel 5

currently watching: mob psycho 100
currently reading: changing planes by ursula k leguin
listening to: twinkle park, ghost

scump smallbrain is a dog who wears a hat and sometimes writes fanfiction. in college studying for a degree in Nonsense.

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